CivicTheme UI kit provides 50+ components out of the box with a comprehensive system to modify, extend and create new components to fit your needs.

Twig components created with the CivicTheme UI kit are designed to be CMS-agnostic: they can be used by any application that can use Twig templates.

There are no CMS-specific mechanisms used in the UI kit.

Modifying components colours

CivicTheme comes with an extensive variables and colour customisation system to enable you to change the look and feel.

See colors variables override code sample.

Extending components

Many CivicTheme components come with extendable areas (slots) which can be used by injecting HTML through pre-defined (empty) variables. Every Twig file provides a list of available empty slots (see example).

For more advanced use-cases, it is also possible to extend components using Twig blocks.

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