User accounts & roles

Create new users and assign roles

CivicTheme comes with 4 roles out-of-the-box. They are:

  • Administrator - Administrators have access to ALL administration areas. This role should only be given to the lead technical role and senior developers in your team.

  • Site administrator - Site administrators have access to some of the administration areas.

  • Content approver - Content approvers review and approve content so it can then be published on the website.

  • Content author - Content authors are the main users responsible for creating and editing content.

Adding new users

  1. Go to /admin/people.

  2. Select Add user.

  3. Fill out the relevant fields

    • Note on the password field: you need to add a password to create a new user account, the new user will be directed to reset their password when they first login.

    • Check the box to send the user an email notification. The link they receive will lead them to a password update form.

  4. Save.

Assigning & unassigning roles

  1. Go to /admin/people.

  2. Select the person you want to assign or unassign a role to/from.

  3. Open the Actions dropdown.

  4. Select 'Apply to selected items'.

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