CivicTheme is an open-source, inclusive and component-based design system.

It was created so governments and corporations can rapidly assemble modern, consistent and compliant digital experiences.

It consists of 3 main assets:

Design system

CivicTheme is a true design system, based on atomic design principles.

Design System is implemented as a Figma file that provides a visual representation of components and their usage within design templates.

UI Kit

The UI Kit is a library of components built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The components have been built and assessed to comply with WCAG accessibility standards 2.2 AA out-of-the-box.

Drupal theme

Drupal theme is an implementation of the UI Kit for Drupal CMS.

The Drupal theme contains all necessary configurations and code to connect the CMS data with the UI Kit components. - latest stable build. Use "Generated content" menu item to view components in multiple variants. - example of CivicTheme with the government industry content - example of CivicTheme with the higher education industry content - example of CivicTheme with the corporate industry content - example of CivicTheme with the health industry content

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