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Code naming conventions

Requirement levels (MUST, SHOULD, MAY) are used in accordance with RFC2119
  • Configuration MUST be stored in the civictheme theme's config/install and config/optional directories.
  • All machine names MUST be prefixed with civictheme_ for:
    • Content types
    • Vocabularies
    • Text formats
    • User roles
  • UI MUST NOT refer to CivicTheme .
  • page or article SHOULD NOT be used as a prefix for the name of a content type unless absolutely necessary, instead: News article , Blog page
  • Field names MUST be:
    • Prefixed with field_c_<first_letter_of_entity_type>_
    • Given generic names based on their purpose and SHOULD be shared across multiple bundles
    • Named using singular nouns
  • Vocabularies MUST be:
    • Named using plural nouns
    • Named using contextual information to distinguish between vocabularies used for specific purposes: Blog topics instead of just Topics