Topics are generally used to group information by topic or subject. Out-of-the-box, CivicTheme comes with several topics set up - you just need to edit them to the topics you'd like.

Below you can see three news card showing three different topics - Scholarships, International students, and Research.

How to add a topic

You can add a new topic by clicking on List terms or Add terms from the dropdown menu to the right of 'Topics'.

If you select List terms, you'll then need to click Add term.

Add in the name and a description (if desired) and then click Save.

Note: You also have the option of adding in parent terms under the 'Relations' area and choosing how you want Topics to be treated in the site map.

How to edit a topic

You can edit existing topics by firstly selecting List terms from the dropdown menu next to 'Topics'.

Next, click on Edit next to the Topic you'd like to edit.

Rename the topic and then click Save.

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