Subject card


The Subject card provides a way to help users get to information on a specific subject. It consists of a title, image and link.

This article shows you how to add a Subject card to a Manual list component.

Below you can see two Subject cards set to display as one per row (one with an image, one without).

You can also have up to four Subject cards in one 'row'. Below you can see four Subject cards (with images) set up to display four per row.

Finally, you can also set up the cards with a block colour background, like the example below.

Step 1 - Add the Subject card

Within your Manual list component under List items, click on the dropdown and select Subject card as shown below.

Step 2 - Fill in the various fields

The available fields are shown and numbered below.

  1. Image - Upload an image (or select one from your media library).

  2. Title - Enter the card title.

  3. Link - Enter a URL. The URL entered here will be the final destination if the end user clicks anywhere in the Subject card. If you start typing internal content (page title) then a list of options will display for you. Select the desired page/content.

  4. Theme - Select light or dark theme.

The Fields and Appearance tabs apply to the Manual List.

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