Site sections


Site-section taxonomy is generally used to group content by site section.

The idea is to allow grouping of pages that belonging to a common area. For example, your website might include multiple sub-sites with different styles and/or branding within the sub-site.

At the moment, CivicTheme provides limited support for this functionality: it only injects a CSS class to the <body> of the page to allow applying different CSS styles. In the future, you'll also be able to add custom logos and menus.

How to add a site section

You can add a new site section by clicking on List terms or Add terms from the dropdown menu to the right of 'Site sections'.

If you select List terms, you'll then need to click Add term.

Add in the name, relationships (parent terms) and menu item weight and then click Save.

How to edit a site section

You can edit existing site sections by firstly selecting List terms from the dropdown menu next to 'Site sections'.

Next, click on Edit next to the Site section you'd like to edit.

Rename the Site section and update the relationships and weights, and then click Save.

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