Automated list

The Automated List Component enables editors to create content lists and embed them on any page.

It uses a civictheme_automated_list paragraph, whose field values are processed by a View preprocessing function. This function maps these values as arguments to a pre-configured civictheme_automated_list view.

The component provides configurations via paragraph to a view allowing content type restrictions, show/hide pagination, altering the number of items and filter configuration options.

It is possible to replace the default civictheme_automated_list view with a more custom one required for a specific site via hook_civictheme_automated_list_view_name_alter() (see civictheme.api.php for details).

CivicTheme also provides support for filters in an exposed form. For views with only 1 exposed filter, Single Filter component (tag based) is enabled, but as soon as there is more than one exposed filter - the Group Filter component (with dropdown filters) is enabled automatically.

It is possible to opt-out from automated exposed filters conversion using the views.CivicThemeOptoutViewsExposedFilter flag on the theme settings page.

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