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This page provides an example of the generic documentation page for Topics vocabulary.

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  • Do not create the "Summary" heading

  • Describe the capabilities of the feature this pages is about. This is to explain what it can do.

  • Describe examples of how it can be helpful. This is to explain how it can be applied as some people need examples to understand the application of a feature.

Topics are generally used to group information by topic or subject. Out-of-the-box, CivicTheme comes with several topics set up - you just need to edit them to the topics you'd like.

Managing Topics

  1. Describe what role a user should have in order to use the feature.

  2. Describe the steps to add or modify a feature: provide screenshots on how to choose the component

  3. Do not provide descriptions of the fields that already have an obvious descriptions - these are superfluous and only repeat what is already provided in the UI without adding much value. Also, this adds to the maintenance cost.

  4. Describe what can be done with one or multiple properties from the point of use:

    1. Provide a sub-heading

    2. Provide a screenshot of admin + a screenshot of the rendered component

  5. For complex features, provide an "Example" sub-section with a full use-case description and screenshots.

You should be logged in as a user with Site administrator role to modify topics.

  1. Navigate to the Administration β†’ Structure β†’ Vocabularies β†’ Topics

  2. Click on β€œAdd” or β€œEdit” term.

  3. Provide Topic details

  4. Click β€œSave” to save changes.

Using Topics

Topics can be used within Automated list content component group information.

Below you can see an example of three News card showing three different topics - Scholarships, International students, and Research within an Automated list.

[screenshot of the usage of the here]

See Automated list component page for more details.

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