The "Quote" style allows you to add a visually styled quotation to the page.

Use the "Quote" to highlight a piece of content and provide a reference point. For example, customer testimonials, statistics or data, or quotes from interviews.

Add a Quote

  1. Create a "Content" component and add content.

  2. Highlight the content you want to style as the quote, including the reference content.

  3. Select the "Block quote" icon in the CK Editor.

  1. Then highlight only the reference content.

  2. Open the "Styles" select box and select "Small".




Every component in CivicTheme, such as the "Content" component, can be shown as a Light or Dark theme component variant. This allows you to build more engaging landing pages with a mix of light and dark components.


Setting a "Background" on a component can make the component visually stand-out on the page. Check the "Background" checkbox to apply a background to the component.


If you want to create a striking stand alone "Quote" with a background to really separate it from other content, you need to put the quote and reference content in its own "Content" component, surrounded by other "Content" components.

The example below shows three separate "Content" components. The first and third components use the Light theme. The second component, housing the "Quote" "uses the Dark theme, with the Background checkbox filled.

The example below shows three separate Content components. All three components use the Light theme, but the component housing the Quote has the Background checkbox filled.

Vertical spacing

"Vertical spacing" adds space before, after or both before and after a component. It is used to visually separate a component from other components when they are vertically stacked on the page. Use "Vertical spacing" dropdown to chose one of the appropriate values.

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