Drupal theme


composer require drupal/civictheme

Alternatively, you can download the latest version from Drupal.org and place into the desired location.

Note that Drupal core has a known issue and a patch would need to be installed on your site.


CivicTheme can be used as a no-code Drupal theme with some of the configurations done on theme settings page.

Enable required modules (Drupal allows themes to declare module dependencies, but does not yet allow those modules to be enabled automatically):

drush ev "require_once dirname(\Drupal::getContainer()->get('theme_handler')->rebuildThemeData()['civictheme']->getPathname()) . '/theme-settings.provision.inc'; civictheme_enable_modules();"

Enable the theme in UI or with Drush:

drush then civictheme

See Sub-theme section to create a sub-theme and use CivicTheme as a base theme.

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