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Requirements and constraints

Requirement levels (MUST, SHOULD, MAY) are used in accordance with RFC2119

Product requirements

  • CivicTheme Drupal theme MAY be used out of the box without any customisations.
  • CivicTheme Drupal theme MUST NOT be changed for customisations. If customisations are required - a consumer theme MUST be created and used as a sub-theme of the CivicTheme theme.
  • CivicTheme Drupal theme MUST be fully compatible with GovCMS SaaS:
    • MUST NOT have any modules
    • MUST NOT rely on any libraries
    • MUST NOT rely on GovCMS content structures
    • MUST assume that FE compilation happens on local machine and then committed to the repository
    • MUST provide a static version of compiled Storybook for the CivicTheme-based consumer site.
Last modified 8mo ago