Service card


The Service card lets you show one or more links. It consists of a title and links.

This article shows you how to add a Service card to a Manual list component.

Below you can see a Service card with two links. (We used two links in this example, but you can add any amount.)

Step 1 - Add the Service card

Within your Manual list component under List items, click on the dropdown and select Service card as shown below.

Step 2 - Fill in the various fields

The available fields are shown and numbered below.

  1. Title - Add the title

  2. Links/URL - You can add internal and external URLs. For internal URLs, this field autocompletes when you start typing the title of the internal content/page.

  3. Links/Link text - Add the Link text. This is the hyperlink text that will be displayed to end users.

  4. Add another item - Clicking on “Add another item” will dynamically add URL and Link text fields. You can add as many as you like.

  5. Set the theme to light or dark.

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