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Custom blocks

Learn how to create Custom blocks to use on your site
CivicTheme comes with several out-of-the-box Custom blocks:
Some custom blocks can be used on a site-wide or a per-page basis, others are created specifically to be used site-wide.
When you create a block it will be saved the Custom block library at/admin/structure/block/block-content.

Examples of custom blocks

The CivicTheme footer uses a two types custom blocks in the footer, 'Component' blocks and a 'Social links' block.
  • Sign up: 'Component block', using a 'Promo' component
  • Social media links: 'Social links block'
  • Acknowledgement of Country: 'Component block', using a 'Content' component
  • Copyright information: 'Component block', using a 'Content' component
Fig. 1 - CivicTheme footer using 'Component' custom blocks and 'Social link' custom block
  • Search: Search block
Fig. 2 - Search block used in the header
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